Class Descriptions

Ages 0-3


Ages 2-3 (Beginner Class)

Creative Movement

Ages 4-5 (Beginner/Intermediate Class)

Introduction to Dance Combo Class (Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acro)

Ages 6-8

Split Ballet
Split Jazz
Split Tap
Split Acro
Split Hip Hop
Musical Theater
Ballet Technique *
Beginner Tumbling *
Leaps & Turns *

Ages 9 & Up

Intermediate or Advanced Ballet
Intermediate or Advanced Tap
Intermediate or Advanced Jazz
Intermediate or Advanced Acro
Intermediate or Advanced Hip Hop
Intermediate or Advanced Lyrical/Contemporary
Musical Theater
Intermediate or Advanced Ballet Technique *
Intermediate or Advanced Tumbling *
Leaps & Turns *

* = Does not perform in recital

Class Descriptions

Creative Movement: Our beginning class that teaches the basics of dance in a fun & creative way while enhancing their coordination and motor skills.
Ballet: The foundation of dance & technique behind all forms of dance. Usually performed to classical music. Works on flexibility, strength, and fluidity. Ballet Technique does not perform in the recital.
Jazz: Fast & Funky! Usually performed to upbeat, peppy songs. Must take ballet to take this class.
Tap: Create rhythms and sounds using their feet!
Acro: Focuses on control and flexibility to learn new tricks and skills. Must take ballet to take this class.
Hip Hop: Uses street styles and popular music/dances to perform a fun, exciting routine.
Lyrical/Contemporary: A combination of ballet and jazz through dramatic movement. Generally tells a story or portrays emotions. Must take ballet to take this class.
Musical Theater: A fun class where dancers learn the basics of theatrics & acting, and perform a routine from a musical or movie! A great class to help students break out of their shell! Must take ballet to take this class.
Leaps & Turns: A technique class where they focus on the tricks that are used in other dance classes. Cardio, conditioning, and building strength are a part of this class as well. Doesn’t perform in the recital.
Tumbling: Focuses on teaching gymnastics floor tricks with emphasis on proper form and conditioning. Highly recommended for cheerleaders, gymnasts, and dancers.
Zumbini: A 45 minute music and movement experience, which is developmentally appropriate for the age range of the class, and every movement is a musical opportunity!
Designed for children 0-3 years old with a caregiver.
Includes dancing, singing, and playing instruments.
A bonding experience for everyone involved.
Includes original songs created specifically for the program.
Focuses on energy, fun, and play to contribute toward the natural development of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.
It is not competitive or performance oriented. Its mission is to cultivate respect and dignity for every child and every child's level of participation.
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