2017-2018 Season Schedule

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2017-2018 EADS LEVELS

Inspired by water...

We feel water, in its different forms, truly portrays all of the qualities our dancers possess & future dancers will learn. We are excited to share our new levels with you!

"A river cuts through rock not because of its power, but its persistence" - Bruce Lee

All dancers ages 2 ½-3

Dew Drops
All dancers ages 4-5

Rain Drops
All dancers age 6 & beginners ages 7-8

Dancers with experience ages 7-9 & beginners ages 10 & up

Dancers with experience age 10 & up


Raindrops                  Tap                                           5:00-5:30pm              Miss Mandi
Raindrops                  Hip Hop                                 5:30-6:00pm              Miss Mandi
Raindrops                  Ballet                                       6:00-6:30pm             Miss Mandi
Raindrops                  Acro                                         6:30-7:00pm             Miss Mandi
Raindrops                  Jazz                                           7:00-7:30pm              Miss Mandi


Bubbles                      Creative Movement           4:00-4:45pm              Miss Amber

Dew Drops                Ballet/Jazz Combo              5:30-6:15pm                Miss Mandi

Raindrops                 Ballet                                        5:15-5:45pm                Miss Lori
Raindrops                  Acro                                         5:45-6:15pm               Miss Lori
Raindrops                  Jazz                                           6:15-6:45pm               Miss Mandi
Raindrops                  Tap                                           6:45-7:15pm                Miss Amber
Raindrops                  Hip Hop                                 7:15-7:45pm                 Miss Kia
Raindrops                  Musical Theater                  7:45-8:30pm               Miss Mandi
Raindrops                  Boys Hip Hop                       7:45-8:30pm               Miss Kia

Flurries                       Tap                                           5:45-6:30pm               Miss Amber
Flurries                       Hip Hop                                 6:30-7:15pm                Miss Kia
Flurries                       Musical Theater                  7:45-8:30pm               Miss Mandi
Flurries                       Boys Hip Hop                       7:45-8:30pm               Miss Kia

Icicles                          Tap                                           4:45-5:30pm               Miss Amber
Icicles                          Hip Hop                                 6:30-7:15pm                Miss Kia
Icicles                          Musical Theater                  7:45-8:30pm               Miss Mandi
Icicles                          Boys Hip Hop                       7:45-8:30pm               Miss Kia


Mini Team                 Rehearsal                               4:45-5:30pm               Miss Mandi

Flurries                       Ballet                                       5:30-6:30pm               Miss Mandi
Flurries                       Acro                                         6:30-7:15pm               Miss Mandi
Flurries                       Jazz                                           7:15-7:45pm                Miss Mandi


Icicles                          Ballet                                       5:00-6:30pm              Miss Mandi
Icicles                          Acro                                         6:30-7:45pm               Miss Mandi
Icicles                          Jazz                                           7:45-8:30pm               Miss Mandi


Bubbles                      Creative Movement           12:30-1:15pm              Miss Mandi

Dew Drops                Intro to Dance**                  10:00-11:30am          Miss Mandi

Raindrops                 Ballet Technique*               11:30-12:30pm           Miss Sarah
Raindrops                  Leaps & Turns*                    2:00-2:45pm             Miss Mandi

Flurries                       Ballet Technique*              11:30-12:30pm            Miss Sarah
Flurries                       Leaps & Turns*                    2:00-2:45pm              Miss Mandi
Flurries                       Lyrical/Contemporary      2:45-3:30pm               Miss Mandi

Icicles                          Ballet Technique*              9:30-11:00am             Miss Sarah
Icicles                          Pre-pointe*                           11:00-11:30am           Miss Sarah
Icicles                          Leaps & Turns*                    2:00-2:45pm              Miss Mandi
Icicles                          Lyrical/Contemporary      2:45-3:30pm               Miss Mandi


Junior Team              Junior Team Rehearsal     11:30-12:30pm            Miss Mandi
Junior Team              Full Team Rehearsal          1:15-2:00pm               Miss Mandi
Mini Team                 Full Team Rehearsal          1:15-2:00pm               Miss Mandi

* Class does not perform in recital
** Class is a combination of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, & Acro